Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Children are naturally outgoing, very energetic and tend to be very active especially during playtime. But the young ones are also known to have short attention span as they easily get bored doing an activity and they constantly crave of doing something new. The problem of diagnosing ADHD in children is that the parent or the guardian cannot easily distinguish whether the child is bored, restless or has the early symptoms of the disorder. For some expert, children who have ADHD are not only hyperactive but they also have a myriad of behavioural problems which makes taking care of them very difficult. Read More….

Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies are used to support or complement other therapies, if not to replace it. Being given the term as an alternative therapy, it gives another set of options aside from western medicine. some complementary treatments to fix teeth with braces could include invisalign. But patients are advised that even if some therapists who practice alternative therapies claim that their methods are effective, they should follow the trend with caution. No such therapy is proven safe and effective unless critically studied and scientifically confirmed. Read More….


Dementia is the decline in a person’s mental ability. This disorder affects thinking, memory, concentration, solving, behaviour and perception. Most of the types of dementia, like Alzheimer’s disease, tend to get worse as time goes by or they are degenerative. There are other types of dementia, like vascular dementia, which are non-degenerative or do not get worse as time goes by. Read More….


This is the continued misuse of mind altering substances which causes severe changes in a person’s ability to physically and mentally function every day and their responsibilities. Alcohol dependence is a very common problem as well as substance abuse like cocaine, heroin, crack, and cannabis. Other drugs like solvents and volatile substances are also included, as well as smoking cigarettes and drinking high amounts of coffee. Bulimia nervosa, an eating disorder, involves the misuse of food. Read More….

The Military and Mental Health

For the men and women who serve the armed forces, they are constantly exposed to exceptional mental health risks while they are on active duty. Once these soldiers return to their civilian lives, the problems would begin to surface. Mental health services are given by the Ministry of Defence. Majority of the war veterans who need mental health services use the voluntary sector or the NHS. Read More….

Nervous Breakdown

The term ‘nervous breakdown’ is the layman’s term to describe when a person has reached the point of his limitations and they literally breakdown emotionally. This condition means that the person is no longer able to cope up with his work, his life and eventually the person would just stop trying to get back to his feet. Read More….