Should anyone you know tell you that they plan to commit suicide, take them seriously and tell someone who could offer professional help.


About 4,500 people commit suicide in Wales and England every year. About one out of ten deaths are due to suicide. In most cultures, suicidal rates increase with age. The highest suicide rate in UK is those people who are beyond 75years old. Suicide is also high for young men.

Suicide is the second major cause of death for men aged 15 to 24, next to accidents.  There are specific factors like drugs, substance and alcohol abuse, social isolation, unemployment and family collapse. People who have mental problems are at a high risk. There are studies that suggest 90% of the suicide victims were suffering from mental problems. The highest risk for suicide is the alcoholics and people with major depression (15%) and schizophrenia (10%). People who have failed suicide attempts are also at risk. About 20% of the suicide survivors commit suicide again just within one year of their failed attempt. These people are 100 times sure to complete their suicide than people who has never tried it.

N.B. self-harm is not similar to suicide.