There is 1 out of 4 who will experience a problem in their mental health. And people who have mental health problems are usually being discriminated or shunned. This kind of treatment causes long-term damage both to the patient and to his community.

But people who have problems regarding their mental health can adopt ways to accept and live their situations. This is especially true if the patient has sought help from medical specialists early on. There are still a lot of people who do not receive the proper treatment for mental health problems. Many of them do not even seek treatment at all. This is a bigger problem in itself because these patients are afraid of being discriminated against by their loved ones, co-workers, friends and even their own community.

Often, these situations can be exaggerated by media because they have the power to portray that those who suffer from mental disorders are always unhappy and distant. Wrongly conveyed images projected by the media give greater stress to the patient because it adds prejudice and stigma to the public. But the media says that people do not complain. This problem is something we want to change.